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Dokken has experience in all aspects of public works projects. We frequently help public agencies with specialized projects that often require innovative thinking, ability to get projects quickly off the ground, and assistance with securing funding sources.

We have experience delivering the following services as either a standalone project or as part of a
larger project:

Lagoon Restoration

Permeable Concrete/Asphalt

Ocean Wave Damage Restoration

Construction Support

Traffic Signals/Lighting

Traffic Signals/Lighting

Dokken's traffic engineers have designed over 100 traffic signals and lighting systems for freeway interchanges, large arterials, collectors and urban city streets and intersections, as well as parks, rural intersections and small downtowns. We have designed and modified traffic signal systems as part of road and bridge projects and also as standalone projects.


Coordination with the Railroad can often be time consuming and derail a project’s schedule. Dokken has extensive experience working with railroad companies for the approval of both grade‑separated and at-grade crossings, as well as projects adjacent to live tracks. We understand the lengthy and often complicated process to obtain a completed Construction and Maintenance Agreement and approval of the GO-88B through
the CPUC.


Parks & Community Identifiers

Dokken XXX.

Public Outreach

Public Outreach

Dokken understands and values the need for quality public outreach and community engagement. Our public outreach strategy is designed to inform communities on each aspect and phase of a project, as well as create a framework to obtain feedback from individuals and various interests.

The following materials were created to inform and engage with the public about upcoming projects: