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Dick Dokken, PE

Founder & Chairman

"In 1986, I knew there was a better way to design the transportation infrastructure our communities in California so desperately need. I'm proud of what Dokken Engineering has done over the last 30+ years."

At Dokken since 1986

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Rick Liptak, PE


"It's not the projects we design that make Dokken Engineering the great firm that it is. It's our people. I firmly believe in the transformative power of an incredible team, and at Dokken, we have just that."

At Dokken since 1986


est. 1986

We are civil and structural engineers, environmental planners, right of way agents. We are hydraulics specialists, community outreach experts, biologists, archaeologists, traffic and electrical engineers. We are design and delivery gurus. 

John Klemunes, PE


"I love the passion I see from our team every day I come in to work. Their love of designing innovative projects is contagious."

At Dokken since 2000

Matt Griggs, PE
Vice President
Group Manager of Bridge & Road Design
Company Contract Review

"The amazing work we do at Dokken makes me so proud. Our incredibly talented team comes to work bringing their A game every day."

At Dokken since 2002

Juann Ramos, PE
Vice President
Group Manager of Right of Way Services, Drainage/Water Quality and Road Design
Company Training


"At Dokken, I'm able to truly think and design outside the box. Not every firm gives its employees the freedom to be innovators."

At Dokken since 2001

Cathy Chan
Vice President Administration

"We're not just engineers and technical experts. There's an entire team of administrative professionals helping support the work we do."

At Dokken since 1991

Sarah Holm
Environmental Services Manager

"At Dokken, there are so many different specialties represented under one roof. Every day we get to work as one big team to develop creative solutions and to have fun while delivering projects. That is why I love it here."

At Dokken since 2007


Brian Stephenson, PE
Redding Regional Manager

"Our team consistently impresses me. The collaboration, dedication and creativity I see from staff across all our offices are among the many reasons I've been at Dokken for the last two decades."

At Dokken since 2000

Mark Tarrall, PE
San Diego Regional Manager

"I chose to work at Dokken for the people, the projects, and the values. Our team embodies Dokken's strong core values every day."

At Dokken since 2009

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