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Public Outreach

Dokken assists project team members, stakeholders, and the general public in visualizing what a project will look like. We are widely known for our ability to clearly communicate project features, issues, and impacts through effective renderings and exhibits. Our team of CADD, GIS, and visual design experts assist our clients in developing projects that fit within their communities and express the character and personality custom to each project site. 


By including the public in the environmental process and encouraging public input, we identify potentially controversial issues and provide responses early in the project planning process. Including stakeholders and community members early on in the process enables Dokken to facilitate dialogue, as well as avoid pitfalls.

Throughout the entire process from conception to construction, we conduct public outreach and engagement to ensure equity. This means the public is well informed and that a proper framework is created to provide meaningful input. The transportation system is the largest public space in the country and, therefore, quality public outreach is crucial.

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