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Environmental Services

As part of a mid-size corporation, Dokken's environmental team is able to complete projects of any size and complexity, while retaining the ability to make rapid, effective management decisions and efficiently conquer unanticipated challenges. The foundation of our environmental team is built upon a dedication to provide expert environmental services, to retain the respect and trust of regulatory agencies, and to develop creative solutions that get your project built. Our team has a proven track record throughout California for successfully completing projects on time and within scope and budget.


Our in-house environmental services include:

Technical Reports, Field Surveys, & Consultations

  • Biological Resources Surveys & Reports

  • Biological Assessments & Endangered Species Consultations (Section 7 and 2081)

  • Jurisdictional Delineations

  • Arborist Surveys & Reports

  • Cultural Resources Surveys, Evaluations & Reports

  • Section 106 SHPO Consultation & Approvals

  • Native American Consultation (Section 106 and AB52)

  • Water Quality Assessments

  • Noise Impact Studies & Sound Wall Analysis

  • Air Quality Studies

  • Visual Impact Assessments & Renderings

  • Hazardous Waste Site Assessments

  • Community Impact Reports

  • Farmland Impact Assessments

Environmental Documentation

  • CEQA/NEPA Analysis

  • CEQA Documents

    • Categorical Exemptions​

    • Initial Studies with Mitigated
      Negative Declarations

    • Environmental Impact Reports

  • NEPA Documents

    • Categorical Exclusions​

    • Environmental Assessments

    • Environmental Impact Statements

  • Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs

Regulatory Permitting & Compliance

  • 401 Clean Water Certifications

  • 404 Nationwide and Individual Permits

  • 402 NPDES & SWPPPs

  • 1600 Streambed Alteration Agreements

  • Flood Board Encroachment Permits

  • Army Corps Section 408 Permissions

  • Habitat Restoration Plans & Long-Term Monitoring

  • Conservation Easements

  • Environmental Construction Monitoring

Meet Our Environmental Team Leads

Sarah H.

Environmental Manager

Amy D., RPA

Senior Archaeologist

Amy B.

Senior Environmental Planner

Scott S.

Project Biologist & Arborist


Our Environmental Services professionals are here to help!

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