Balboa Island Pedestrian Bridges

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Dokken Engineering completed a Bridge Seismic Safety Study Report, the PS&E, and provided full Construstion Management Services for 3 bridges in Newport Beach.

Dokken Engineering worked directly with Caltrans’ Local Assistance Branch and represented the City in obtaining 100% funding for the retrofit of Lido Isle Bridge, Balboa Island Bridge, and Newport Island Bridge. Most of the funding was HBRR and the remainder was State funded. State funding became available when Dokken Engineering proved that these 3 structures would collapse if subjected to the maximum credible event.


  • Balboa Island Bridge is a 19-span reinforced concrete T-beam bridge with joints at every other bent and inadequate column (pile extensions) reinforcement. It was the city’s desire to retrofit and rehabilitate the existing bridge due to the proximity of homes and businesses.
  • Lido Isle Bridge is a 3-span steel girder bridge with joints at each span and inadequate column reinforcement.
  • Newport Island Bridge is a 5-span reinforced concrete slab bridge with joints at every span and inadequate column (pile extensions) and reinforcement.


Newport Beach, CA



City of Newport Beach


Construction Cost

$2.6 Million